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Healthy Eating

Smoothie Screw Up #1

Smoothie Screw-Up #1: Being Fuzzy on Your Slurp’s Purpose
Before throwing in ingredients and hitting “buzz,” consider your goal. Do you want your smoothie to serve as a meal replacement, an addition to your breakfast, or just as a snack? Your answer will guide what you add to your blender and in what amounts.

Healthy Eating

Smoothie Screw Up #2

Smoothie Screw-Up #2: Using the Wrong Liquid
Hungry afterward? Almond milk and coconut milk are favorites for smoothies, but they don’t supply protein to keep you satisfied, says Jones. “If you don’t drink dairy, choose soy milk for a plant-based option to get this essential nutrient.

Healthy Eating

Feel Better from the Inside Out

FEEL BETTER FROM THE INSIDE OUTThere’s a lot of articles and opinions you’re reading about in the media right now. Unfortunately, a lot of it is false or misleading information. What I am about to say is NOT to sell you anything…it is just common sense…SO PLEASE READ ON!To start off, let’s try and agree on a simple premise. There’s only one thing we know for sure when it comes to defending your body from foreign invaders…Your innate immune system is your main defense!While new strains and superbugs can be serious business, strengthening your immune system naturally can do your body significant good.

Healthy Eating

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is inclusive of motion, nutrition, and focus. Good habits require conscious effort and diligence. It doesn’t just happen, start with simple things and build on them. Starting with fresh air and sunshine and good water is a great idea. One of the most productive things to do for health is to walk, especially outdoors in fresh air and sunshine. Working outdoors can be really productive, physical work leads to overall body conditioning. Starting with fresh air and sunshine and good water is a great idea.Then you can take the practice deeper. After experiencing the benefits and incorporating the change in your life.