Written by Michael Scruggs, Healthier U Inc.

First and foremost, let me start this blog by saying you first must educate yourself, as to what exactly is meant by “Eating Healthy”!  Once you are confident that you, in fact, know what a healthy diet is, then you can try this trick.  

If you’re not sure whether you know what healthy eating is all about, here is the most simple, basic principle to learn/incorporate into your lifestyle, where you can proudly say “I eat healthy”: 

“Processed sugars and flours are poison to the human body and the human psyche.”

Ok, now with that simple principle (definition) established here is a great trick to help with eating healthier.


This Trick will TRIPLE YOUR ODDS of Eating Healthy the Next Day!  It’s so simple, but absolutely life transforming.   Why does this work…Because most Americans have a food addiction!

Ok we need to give you one more definition here.  What exactly is “Food Addiction”:  

“A high susceptibility to highly palatable foods (which are often rich in fat, sugar, and/or salt) which triggers chemical reactions in the brain.”

This Simple Practice Impacts Us In Several Ways:  

1. It recruits the Prefrontal Cortex in the decision-making process, the part of the brain that holds our highest goals and intentions. Spur-of-the-moment eating decisions, in contrast, are often made by the Nucleus Accumbens, a part of the brain that is blind to long-term consequences and can only see what would taste or feel good in the moment. 

2. It allows us to imagine, even for a brief moment, eating those foods at those times, and that pre-visualization is very powerful for the brain. It dramatically ups the odds that that vision will come true. 

3. In thinking through what we’re going to eat the next day, we’re forced to plan and prepare. Do we have enough vegetables in the fridge? How are we going to navigate that office party? 

This trick is worth making an automatic habit. Most of us can relate to the power of automaticity if we think about brushing our teeth—something we accomplish without any extra effort or forethought on our part. If you invest  90-120 days into developing the habit of writing down what you’re going to eat the next day, soon you’ll find that the practice has become as automatic as brushing your teeth. 

Want to go above and beyond? After you’ve written down your food, take a moment to gather what you need in the fridge and get it ready for the day. Now you’re really on your way! 

Use this trick to triple your odds of eating healthy every day, and watch the weight melt off and your self-esteem soar! This 90-120 day investment will pay dividends for years…it will change your life.

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