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Stretching With Mike In The Morning

Stretching with Mike is designed and formatted as a basic stretching routine (daily) suitable for everyone and every level.  As we get older our joints and bodies start to incur limitations and stiffness; if this sounds like you then you are IN LUCK…this program is designed with you in mind!

If you are young and in good condition or if you are an athlete, then you know the importance of stretching before and after an activity.  But did you know, that the older and more out of shape you get, the more critical it is to stretch, and not just before or after a specific activity?  I can still remember those days when I could just run on to the soccer field and play, with little to no warm up…those were the days!

Daily stretching and just a few moments to be mindful of your immediate world and your place in it are a great, holistic habit to incorporate into your live…NO MATTER…your age and/or fitness level.

So join me for a brief holistic and healthy start to your day.  I promise I won’t keep you too long, and when you attend (be in the moment) you will start your day in a positive way.  Your health will start to improve, whether you are an Olympic athlete or currently limited to a wheelchair.  

We all make goals to motivate ourselves.  What are your goals?  Whether you want to just be healthy and happy, or want to live longer, or to just live out your life on your own terms, it is all good.  The question is, what are you doing to accomplish your goal?  I hate to burst your bubble, but any goal that deals with health, longevity, and quality of life requires a little effort!

Let me share my goal with you.  I am now 60 years young.  I have a granddaughter and another grandchild on the way…SO…my goal is to be able to physically and mentally interact with my children, their children and eventually their children (great-grandchildren).  Can you imagine getting out and actively playing with your great grandchildren?  I can and I plan to!  For those of us that get that opportunity…WOW…what an awesome experience that must/will be!

Now here is the really great part of “Stretching With Mike In The Morning”.  This opportunity is available to all annual supporters of Healthier U Inc at no cost.  

Healthier U Inc. is a hands-on preventative health education, non-profit located in Williamsburg, Virginia.  When you sign up annually to donate (tax deductable) at a $30/month level you automatically are invited to join.  THAT IS LESS THAN A DOLLAR PER DAY!

Healthier U Inc. needs your help to help those less fortunate to live a healthier and happier life.  So please make this minimal tax deductable donation…to help others…And Ultimately To Help YourselfTake a moment here and think…WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS… WHEN IT COMES TO LIFE AND LONGEVITY???

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