Over the next several months I am going to be writing a series of articles about Health and Nutrition that I hope you’ll appreciate and find informative, if not inspirational.  My hope is to win you over and create in you a desire to be proactive about changing your health habits, and those of your family.  I also hope to gain your trust and support, so that we as a group can spread the truth…and the simple concept of Preventative Healthcare

The political strife that our country has endured over the last decade and continues to endure, has affected me as I am sure it has affected many of you.  Typically I stay as far away from politics and making comments…because…politics have become so polarized that you can no longer make a statement without offending someone.

My job here at Healthier U is NOT to alienate anyone, but to unit everyone with the truth!

So I say…”To Each Their Own…and when it comes to politics…Keep It To Yourself!!!  That being said…like religion…our health is so important an aspect of our society…that it must be segregated from politics…OR ALL WILL SUFFER, and by that, I mean ALL OF MANKIND!”  

How often in the news do you read that we are killing the planet?  How often do you read that we are killing ourselves?  Who were you taught to look out for first and foremost…FAMILY?  I’m going to let each of you answer these questions for yourself…but yes…I am trying to make this personal for each and everyone one of you that happen to be reading this blog.

These are the underlying premises for which I hope we all can agree:

  1. You…and only you… control your destiny, especially when it comes to health; 
  2. Total reliance on others almost always leads to failure…so we must be proactive;
  3. follow your instincts not your desires, ake sure you know the difference;
  4. Educate yourself, make sure you are making the most informed decision possible;
  5. Your life and your family’s lives depend on it.
  6. To successfully lead a healthy life, you must have a greater purpose or reason…what do you live for?

We, at Healthier U Inc. are here to intellectually stimulate you…to provide you with education: in health, fitness, mindfulness, and longevity.  We are here to support and guide you in your health journey, inspiring in you a quest for knowledge. AND here is the important part…don’t just believe what I say.  I encourage you to question what I say, please explore the facts, do the research, reach your own conclusion…OWN IT!!!

Healthier U Inc. where Food is Medicine and Motion is Life

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