Healthier U: The Driving Force Behind Our Mission

What’s Happening at Healthier U: Healthier U is a: Local preventative healthcare non-profit which focuses on fitness and nutrition.  

Providing preventative healthcare through fitness and nutritional education and consulting

Their target groups are Young Families and single mothers, as well as, families over the age of 55.  HOWEVER, Their are available to all residents of Williamsburg, James City and York Counties!

Their goal is to subsidize the cost of this program to all local residents.

Offering 1)  Walking Group  – three days per week (Current)

Offering 2)  Foodaholics Anonymous Group meeting to start in December 2020

Offering 3)  Community Garden (1st Qtr. 2021)

Healthier U is looking for volunteers…we cannot accomplish our goals with volunteer help.  Looking for individuals, as well as, groups.

Update from Founder, Mike Scruggs:

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Michael Scruggs, the Director of Healthier U Inc.  I am reaching out to the local clinical psychology professionals in Williamsburg, to introduce our NEW non-profit.  To be quite frank I have two purposes here.  1) I need help with our start-up initiative in December of a Foodaholics Anonymous Program, and 2) I just want to make you as professionals aware of the program if any of your clients might benefit from such a program.  As you know there are many types of addictions facing us today and abstinence is the preferred outcome for most addictions.  Food addiction however is not quite so simple; complete abstinence is not an option.

Let me briefly tell you a little bit about Healthier U Inc.  We are located in the Williamsburg area and are a NEW preventative healthcare non-profit.  While we are in the midst of organizing and are raising initial funding for our main program, we are immediately launching several smaller programs in the community.

Let me start off by describing our main program, which is our Wellness Program.  We have crafted a 90-day program designed to positively reinforce new, sustainable healthy habits through hands-on nutritional education and group fitness.  Our main focus group will be young families and single mothers.  We will also have a program that works with adult families over the age of 55.

Currently we sponsor a community walking group the “Historic Triangle Walking Group” which meets three times per week, in an effort to get our members off-the-couch and participating in a moderate level of exercise in an outdoor, social atmosphere, which with Covid-19 is something we can all use.

In December we will be starting a Foodaholics Anonymous, 12-step support program to help people with food addictions.  Our initial meeting date is December 12 (Thursday) at 6:30pm.  Our location is 102 Industrial Boulevard, Toano, VA.  We will be offering three meetings per week throughout the month of December.  We are hoping to increase meeting to five times per week early in 2021, as well as, add other locations throughout the community.

In the Spring of 2021 we will be starting a Community Vegetable Garden Program, which will eventually be a part of our Wellness Program.  We will be working with the Master Gardner’s Association of Williamsburg to provide hands on teaching of self-sufficient, organic gardening.  Besides feeding the volunteer gardeners working the project and eventually supporting the Wellness Program, we will be distributing the extra produce to the Food Bank system in the greater Williamsburg area.

We are very proud to be building this non-profit organization in the Williamsburg Community and look forward to the time when our Wellness Program is fully subsidized and available to the residents of Williamsburg, James City and York Counties.  Until that time, we are rolling up our sleeves and getting started, making as many positive impacts in the community as we can afford.  

We need a volunteer army to get things rolling; without community involvement and volunteer participation we will struggle to make our supportive community goals a reality.  

We are here for you and your clients, so keep an eye out and  keep your ear to the ground, Healthier U Inc. is now in Williamsburg and ready to stir things up and make great things happen.  You can subscribe on our web page to keep informed.

Please reach out to me by either phone or email and let me know what you think.  I’m looking forward to helping you and your clients in the near future.  I really would like to hear back from the majority of you.  I know that I struggle with food addictions on a daily basis…and there is little to no help out there.

Our Mission: We are supporting a grassroots startup called HealthierU Inc. This is a new non-profit, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. HealthierU’s goal is to help all families located in the Williamsburg, VA and surrounding areas learn about living a healthy and active lifestyle. Through a 120-day program, they will actively educate families about health, nutrition, and fitness. The program includes: nutritional education, mentoring, counseling, fitness classes, support groups, cooking and gardening classes, as well as, an Overeaters Anonymous program.

HealthierU needs your help to get our doors open so we can assist the community. Our target market is young families and single mothers, in an effort to combat childhood obesity. However, we are open and available to all residents of the City of Williamsburg, James City, and York Counties. Our program can help everyone and anyone.  It is proven to help with diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, other auto-immune diseases and rheumatism, just to list a few examples. We work as health consultants and life coaches to help families get healthy from the inside out!

Our program requires a minimum of 36 man-hours per client and is therefore relatively costly.  The program is considered preventative health care and is not covered by today’s health insurance industry.  So currently, the only way most people can get the help they need to guard against these terrible diseases that plagues our society is for those more fortunate to help subsidize the associated costs.  

Please help us, help our community.  All money raised stays right here locally…where you can see the results and actually help your neighbors. We also are always in need of volunteers to help with fundraising and events. Contact us today to learn more.