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Health Supplements, Products, and Other Assorted Miracles You Cannot Live Without

By Michael Scruggs, Healthier U Inc. Oh No It’s: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy-It-Before-It’s-All-Gone Friday With all these sales floating around in print ads, TV and the internet…Buyer Beware! Today, you’ll see a LOT of sales on everything—including your favorite health foods, supplements, and products. But before you purchase a single supplement or superfood powder, be …



Vegetables and other healthy foods can help you counteract the negative effects of inflammation. Did you know that there are two types of inflammation, the body’s response to injury? Acute inflammation is painful but essential because, by telling the body that injured tissues require immediate attention, it triggers immune reactions that help us heal. Chronic inflammation, however, …

Healthy Eating

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is inclusive of motion, nutrition, and focus. Good habits require conscious effort and diligence. It doesn’t just happen, start with simple things and build on them. Starting with fresh air and sunshine and good water is a great idea. One of the most productive things to do for health is to walk, especially outdoors in fresh air and sunshine. Working outdoors can be really productive, physical work leads to overall body conditioning. Starting with fresh air and sunshine and good water is a great idea.Then you can take the practice deeper. After experiencing the benefits and incorporating the change in your life.