By Michael Scruggs, Healthier U Inc.

Oh No It’s: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy-It-Before-It’s-All-Gone Friday

With all these sales floating around in print ads, TV and the internet…Buyer Beware!

Today, you’ll see a LOT of sales on everything—including your favorite health foods, supplements, and products.

But before you purchase a single supplement or superfood powder, be sure to avoid these 3 BIG disappointments that can also be dangerous…

Flaw #1: Synthetic or Filler Ingredients

Did you know most supplements are synthetic? This means they are NOT naturally derived (made in a lab instead) and therefore it’s nearly impossible for your body to recognize them.

On top of that, we have fillers. A 2015 crackdown on top-selling brands found that 4 out of 5 supplements at places like GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart did not contain ANY of the ingredients on their labels.

That means, instead of the herbs and nutrients you’re paying for, you got fillers like:

  • Rice flour
  • Powdered asparagus
  • Powdered HOUSE PLANTS
  • Common allergens

Flaw #2: Missing Nutrients or Cofactors

When scientists isolate a specific vitamin and put it in a pill, you are getting just the synthetic form of that vitamin alone. But even when it’s “naturally” derived, it’s often missing the necessary cofactors that are needed to maximize its effects in your body.

The result is that you spend a lot of money on nutrients that your body can’t really use.

Flaw #3: Harshly Processed or Low Potency

To perform their processes in a lab or with extraction technology, those involved in mass market supplement manufacturing often use methods that destroy important properties of the nutrients.

Or they simply fail to use the best technology (which can be expensive) for extracting out all of the biologically active elements from an ingredient.

The result, again, is you spending a lot of money on a supplement that doesn’t help you.

Let a professional do the heavy lifting of research and due diligence, so that you don’t have to.  Any time you see a “wonder product” on TV or on Facebook, do your research or go to someone creditable to do the research for you.

Only use products researched, tested, and utilized by top health experts and physicians Don’t trust the ads, these companies spend millions advertising, and it seems that those that spend the most, have the worst products.  

And remember everyone is different.  So after your research or consultation try the product out and see how it affects you…it might not be the same as it affected me!

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